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LIAM ENGL is one of our favorite guitarists on the planet!  His speed, skill and precision is highlighted in dozens of YouTube videos he as posted.   He is a long time WristGrips user and in many of his videos (like the one below) he can be seen wearing WristGrips.  In the quote below Liam describes his experience wearing WristGrips to eliminate wrist pain, and increase his quality of playing.  You can subscribe to his YouTube channel here, and check out his band Mera

"Back in about 2008 at the age of 18 I started to develop issues with my wrists related to overextending the joint for long periods of time. This was due to poor posture and simply playing too much. The pain was to the point where I was actually going to quit playing guitar and was getting ready to begin an entirely new hobby.
While researching a little online about other musicians who were facing similar problems I was referred to the wristgrip straps and decided to pick a pair up.

After putting them on the support and strength it gave my hands was immediately noticeable. They were a great help during the recovery process. Offering protection and alleviating much of the pain I was experiencing. Between using these wrist straps and correcting my poor posture I was able to continue playing guitar.

Even now, 8 years later and working as a full time guitar teacher I still take these straps with me everywhere and will use them if I have a long day of playing/teaching ahead of me. "


There are thousands of musicians who've eliminated their wrist pain using WristGrips, and we are happy to help! 

We really like supporting musicians who've helped get the word out about WristGrips online and in their communities.  Here we are proud to shine a spotlight on artists who we admire and who use WristGrips in their playing.  If you'd like to become a Featured Artist let us know buy emailing us info@wrist-grips.com


Ryan Sollee


The WristGrips Team