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Why WristGrips?

Because you can't afford to miss a beat!

Watch Chiropractic Physician Susan Addison talk about the benefits of Wrist Compression and how it works.


WristGrips were developed for musicians by musicians to solve the problem of chronic wrist pain suffered by thousands of musicians around the world.  This discomfort cuts playing time short, making gigs and rehearsals painful.  Wrist pain can be caused by acute over use of wrists over the years, or stress from typing, athletics, injury, or a number of other causes. 

How WristGrips Work:

WristGrips harness the very simple yet effective power of compression.  Compression increases blood flow/oxygen, decreases swelling, and supports wrists preventing injury.  Other common wrist pain occurs when swelling causes nerves to become misaligned, WristGrips reverse this process keeping nerves in their correct location.

WristGrips eliminate chronic wrist pain by supporting wrists, correcting playing form, and increasing blood flow/oxygen to affected areas, while allowing wrists and hands 100% of their natural movement.

Wrist Grips Drum Sticks Fist                                                   WristGrips will Decrease/Eliminate:

  • Arthritis tendonitis due to years of playing   
  • Swelling from long gigs and practices
  • Early carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Vibration which leads to inflammation
  • Median and Ulnar nerve pain

    WristGrips will Increase:

    • Longevity and endurance
    • Proper ergonomic form
    • Comfort while playing
    • Blood flow and oxygen to hands and wrists
    • Wrist stabilization and support

    Wrist Grips and Juno Keyboard                                                 WristGrips Feature:

    • Custom tension stability control while playing
    • One size fits all, perfect for any wrist
    • Moisture wicking sweat free hands
    • Non-limiting full range of motion protection
    • 100% cotton w/nickel buckle
    • Virtually indestructible
    • Play longer pain free for 90 days, or your money back

    Wrist Grips Guitar Player

    About Us:

    Ryan Sollee is a local Portland song writer and musician.  He has toured through the U.S. and Europe written and released over 10 albums with various bands in Portland Oregon.

    Gabe Castro a Los Angeles musician, and sound designer who has composed the music for some of your favorite video games, TV shows, and movies.

    When you contact WristGrips, you'll be dealing with one of us, not a call center or automated phone bank.  Our simple goal is that you play again.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have, we are here to help.