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"The good news is my hand and arm are feeling much better...your wrist support got me through some gigs when I my wrists were really hurting...I am very grateful to you for that. They are especially helpful when drumming with the Spin Doctors since I play quite a bit louder with them....thanks again...
-Aaron Comess, Drummer Spin Doctors
"I'm still rocking my @wristgrips today. They pretty much saved my playing career."
-Andrew Ferris, The Guitar Geek
"As I played more, I definitely felt a warming sensation in my picking hand, and my playing got better. More fluid, more precise, better accuracy. Not too much an increase in speed, but much better control. I removed the grips, and my control seemed to diminish slightly."
-Bob Piekiel, The Banjo Newsletter
"These wrist grips almost give you an added strength. They offered an incredible amount of stability to both my picking and fretting hand. I can’t explain it but I felt like I fatigued less and had more stamina. They just made me feel more stable. I think you’ll notice a difference in using these wrist grips."
-Tony, Acoustic Life
"I’ve had my WristGrips for about a week.  I started wearing them when I’m at the computer for long periods, playing and while sleeping.  I can tell you that WristGrips is the real deal.  The carpal tunnel feeling I have on my left wrist has decreased quite a bit.  The tingling in my fingers is almost gone.  For musicians experiencing issues like carpal tunnel or similar in your wrists, I highly recommend WristGrips."   Read the full review at ALL THAT SHREDS
-Andrew Catania, All That Shreds
"I just wanted to drop you a line about the wrist grips.  I honestly thought I wouldn’t ever use them and was frankly a bit skeptical of their efficacy.  Boy was i wrong!  I had my first bout with tennis elbow (tendinitis) from carrying gear last week and was getting pretty concerned as it was getting aggravated with every gig.  Luckily, I remembered the wrist grips a few days in and started wearing them to play and while carrying equipment and working out.  The relief was IMMEDIATE, and playing with them was no hinderance at all.  I see you already have a bunch of testimonials, etc on the site and I already have my free pair, but let me know if I can do anything besides tell all the cats I work with how great they are.  I’d be more than happy to help promote these any way I can.  They are great!"
-Ben Stivers, Musician
"I often so long drives for my work and also lift some heavy gear at my gigs. My Wrist Grips are very helpful to support my wrists and prevent fatigue. Highly recommended”.
-John Stowell, Musician
"I tested it in both practicing and performing situation playing the drums and cajon, I notice and increased hand strength without suffering any pain for the entire performance."
-Francesco Veccio, Francis Drumming Blog
"I tried the Wrist Grips and practiced one of the most difficult Beethoven sonatas without feeling any pain, strain or fatigue. A new feeling for me, and definitely an impressive achievement. They definitely work! Well done."
-Jean-Michel Pilc,  Jazz Musician
"These wrist grips are simply amazing!  I have not had any issue with my
ongoing tendonitis since using these every time I play.  Not only that but
with the support they give my wrist, I actually feel like I have more
strength and control.  My guitar playing has improved immensely since
starting to use these.  I fight less and relax more therefore strain less
and execute more.  Can't say enough good things about these seriously!!!"
-Trevor Gordon Hall, Guitarist Candy Rat Records
"Ok, these things are awesome. I've been using them for some really long rehearsals and my hands/arms don't get nearly as tired. I'm not sure I understand the science but they definitely seem to help! The drummer I'm playing with really liked them too. "
-Pete Griffin, Bassist
"I use your Wrist Support always when playing Guitar and curling light weights up to 30 lbs. I use to feel pain in my left wrist when practicing chords and scales on my guitar but since I've been using you Wrist Support, that problem has disappeared. My physician specialist says by increasing the tension above the wrist with New Grip Wrist Support, it causes less tension on the finger muscles thereby easing any severe pain."
-Art Tracey, Guitarist
These Wrist Straps helped me overcome a lot of pain when I decided to pick up the guitar and play it seriously. I suffered about a month or two of tendonitis last year and jumped upon WristGrip Wrist Straps that I found online, and thought to give them a try. Since then, with steady warm ups and these straps, I haven't suffered any pain since. Highly recommended!
-Lel Cordell, Musician
As a guitarist/keyboardist/bassist with terrible carpal tunnel syndrome, I was looking for anything that could help me play without pain. Living on ibuprofen daily wasn't an option. Enter NewGrip wrist supports. It's been about a week since I've had them and I feel like I did when I was a teenager. All musicians with carpal tunnel syndrome need to use this.
In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome, I also have ulner nerve problems. The specialist said it's due to years of bad technique, constant typing, and texting. Pain = GONE. Please please please do yourselves a favor and pick up a pair. Great company. Great product.
-Geoff Strehl, Musican
I've always wanted to play drums and finally at a time when I can afford the time and money for a kit and lessons I started to feel shooting pains in my forearms after 5 or 10 minutes of playing. I thought that was it the end virtually at the beginning, it was that painful, then with a bit of research I went on to the website, sent Ryan a message asking if his product was what I was looking for, he said the wrist straps would help, he was the only person of a few websites I sent questions to who replied, when they came I tried them and played for well over an hour no pain at all!!! Now I wear wrist straps all the time, I play for fun and it's not serious, but if this was more livelihood they would have saved my career.
-Mike Aldred, Drummer
"I'm a drummer and hit a lot of rim shots. I've been using New Grip Wrist Wraps to help absorb the vibration and support my wrists, yet still allow them to move freely. Wrist Wraps are extremely comfortable."
-Amy Hall, Drummer in Stratocruiser check out Amy's site here!
"I've been playing guitar for 16 years and a few years ago I started getting severe pain in my upper arms and wrists. A physician said I had the beginning stages of carpal tunnel syndrome and that my arm muscles had started fusing together because of repeated stress and motion. This caused me to buy a much more expensive guitar with easier action, but also forced me to play less. About two years ago I was introduced to your wrist wraps. The difference has been amazing. "Now my hands and arms don't get as tired. I play in a touring band with hour long sets every night and I am pain free!I highly recommended your wrist support."
-Ryan Sollee, Guitarist The Builders and the Butchers
 "I play mandolin and your wrist supports are a big help.  When I first got them I used one strapped very tight up high on my left hand to pull in the carpal bones (not the tendons).  I had a repetitive stress injury there and discovered that my hand felt much better if I simply pushed them back into place.  Your wrist strap alloweed me to do that, and I don't often have that issue now, but when I do I just strap it tight for a couple of days and it takes care of it for weeks."
-Jay Armbruster, Mandolin Player