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1. Lay the WristGrip on top of your wrist with the buckle resting on the outside (pinky side) of your wrist.

2. Loop the curved end of the WristGrip under your wrist and through the buckle.

3. Pull the curved end, so that the WristGrip feels snug, but not cutting off circulation, and adjust so the edge of the WristGrip is against the base of your hand.

4. Pull the WristGrip so the metal buckle slides across the top of your wrist and rests on the inside (thumb side) of your wrist.  Attach the curved end to the Velcro strip that runs along the top of the WristGrip. 


  • Can be worn 24/7, and results from our customers show better results the more they are worn. This is due to the chronic and repeatable nature of wrist injuries. 
  • Prevent and reverse injury and pain from overuse by preventing wrists from extreme angles and stimulating oxygen and blood flow to affected areas. 
  • Are One-Size-Fits-All, however if you have any issues with sizing email we will send you an alternate size to fit your unique needs. 
  • Can be cleaned by thoroughly rinsing with dish soap and allowing to air dry.
WristGrips come with a 90 day money back guarantee, if you don't find relief please mail your Wrist Grips to the address below for a full refund:
3223 Ne 133rd Ave
Portland Oregon USA 97230